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Subscriber Question on Investments

As a channel we concentrate on precious metals with particular reference to gold and silver. We also look at those aspects of supply & demand, macroeconomics, and politics which can affect their price.

As our channel matures, we are also receiving emails from members who have asked us to look at other potential investment forms to run alongside our focus on gold and silver.

With that in mind, we interviewed luxury watch dealer Paul Thorpe and Property Developer Bro Anthony (both videos are listed in the description box below).

We have noticed however, that these videos are only receiving a small number of views, and whilst we expect them to be less than the normal gold and silver videos, we are wondering whether this is a direction, you our subscribers wish us to venture down.

For example, we have lined up interviews with other commodity traders, equity traders, collectable dealers and a host of other investment area specialists

However, we do not wish to go down this route if there is little or no interest.

Also, if there is interest in other areas of potential investment then please by all means express them in the comments below this video.

Later today and into the evening UK time we shall be publishing an important video on the Jackson Hole Symposium where FED Chair Jerome Powell will be speaking, so please do not miss that one and of course our weekly update which will be published tomorrow.

By the way, our  Discord Channel is just 2 or 3 members away from 100, and once we reach that 100, one of the lucky members will receive a dollar gift equivalent to the spot price of 1 ounce of silver – so if you haven’t enrolled, please do so. We have to remind viewers though, that to be eligible, you have to sign up to our Inner sanctum – even if it’s a free membership – and we will then send you the appropriate link.

Finally, as a thank you for helping us reach 15000 subscribers, we have offered you the opportunity, to sign up to our inner sanctum for 50% off for the first month at both the bronze and silver levels.

All you need to do is go to the website – enrol and enter the code: ‘50offsignup’ in the discount/promo code box on checkout.

We are pleased to see that a number of you have already done this, and this offer will end by the 31st August, so please hurry if this is of interest to you.

Thank you for listening and do let us know your thoughts on the questions we have posed.


Interview – Paul Thorpe – Watch Dealer


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