State Visit for President Trump in May 2019

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State Visit for President Trump in May 2019

At last the British Prime Minister is beginning to understand the importance of forging a closer relationship with President Trump.

It’s reported by Reuters today that President Trump might visit Britain in May 2019 after the country’s departure in March from the European Union, according to the U.S. ambassador to Britain, Woody Johnson.

Trump visited Britain in July and although it was not a formal state visit after wide public protests, he did meet with Queen Elizabeth.

Johnson reiterated Trump’s view that the United States was looking forward to a “quick, very massive bilateral trade deal” after Brexit, but that did not “look possible” under the current terms on which Prime Minister Theresa May has agreed a draft deal to leave the EU.

Our view is simple. When the UK leaves the EU it needs to forge relationships wherever it can, as one can rest assured that the EU will not wish to be too accommodative to the UK – as after all, it wants to send a signal to other Member States, ‘if you leave you will suffer at worst or not have good trading terms at best – otherwise other member countries would wish to follow suit.

Whatever one may think of Trump – like him or loathe him – while he is President he does hold the reigns to ensure that a successful trade deal takes place and frankly, the UK and US relationship has proven extremely close ever since the Second World War and it would be a tragedy if this relationship was not nurtured further.

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