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Inner Sanctum Members Update

We have uploaded a premium video entitled:

Modern Monetary Theory – ‘Contrarian to Traditional Monetary and Economic Theory’

This video neatly encapsulates the theory behind MMT and how those on the progressive left of politics are advocating its usage.

Even those on the right can see some merit in the case in that it suggests the removal of the ability of Central banks to print currency and place it in the hands of Government to spend as it so wishes and only using taxation policy as a means to prevent overheating as opposed to be used on public expenditure.

The greatest benefit MMT advocates would argue is that it also means that Governments do not need to borrow money from banks and pay interest on it, but to print and use it themselves and for some one can see the attraction.

It certainly has its flaws and downsides, but should progressives win the White House and or the Senate its certainly a policy that will gain considerable media and government Institutional attention.

Over the coming weeks we shall produce a range of videos on these very subjects and seriously go into the heart of the matter.

Also next week we shall be covering within the inner sanctum our views on platinum and palladium and more in-depth research as to whether we believe that the silver market is in a new bull phase or simply just catching up with gold and then to falter at the last hurdle.

Controversially Greg and Journo Marcus have produced their 20-minute topic podcast and this week are discussing personal responsibility and how it will become ever more important in a world where pensions are underfunded, and Government spending will become unable to meet social demands – unless of course MMT is introduced.

Our Inner sanctum members will also receive a number of new eBooks and courses which are being uploaded tomorrow and we strongly suggest that if you are a member then you search these out on the website.

We have received quite a few orders for merchandise and we thank everyone who has placed an order so far – it looks like Illuminati Silver does have some followers who are happy to promote or wear the brand and we shall have quite an extensive range or promotional merchandise available soon – and silver members can rest happily in the knowledge that after PayPal or Stripe expenses, postage etc and their own privileged discount that we shall be making virtually no profit but just see this as a means of supporting our members and reinforcing the brand.

Finally, we have been advised that one or two members have created their own YouTube channels and one in particular has produced a truly interesting channel on unique coins and collectables and we shall be giving a shout out to him very soon.

Just as a reminder before we end this podcast or YouTube video, illuminati silver inner sanctum members have a number of benefits which they have access to. Not least also being our special area within our discord channel – including the ability to buy and sell to one another.

If exclusive videos, articles, podcasts, daily Brexit updates, special access to IS hierarchy and free courses and eBooks and merchandise discounts appeal then please go and join us at illuminati and we promise that as time moves on. Our offerings will do nothing but improve.

Meanwhile we hope you enjoy and if you cannot afford to become a paying member then at least ensure you join as a free member as they too will receive benefits that just general YouTube subscribers won’t have access to.

This week may indeed prove exciting for gold and silver and next week more so with the FED interest rate decision and we at IS Head Office will ensure that we shall be on the ball as any news arises and watch out in your emails as we suspect there will be a lot going on over the next  few weeks.

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  1. David Holden 1st August 2019 at 10:24 am

    Excellent site with straightforward interesting articles well presented and in a manner that is understandable.
    All at illuminati silver are to be congratulated on this most excellent and informative site.

    • Illuminati Silver 1st August 2019 at 6:15 pm

      Thank you David we truly appreciate your comments. Do let us know how to improve further – we welcome all suggestions.

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