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Financial Update Plus Illuminati Silver 1 oz Collectible Round

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Today is Sunday 22nd March 2020 and yesterday we published our gold and silver weekly update for the week ending 20th March 2020

In that summary we highlighted that gold fell last week by $31 dollars and silver fell by $2.15 – though both metals staged a slight recovery on Friday from earlier week lows.

The equity markets performed the worst that it has since the 2008 crisis and further declines are expected in the days ahead, though some analysts are predicting a slight bounce tomorrow though frankly we aren’t so sure.
Interesting economic data is being published on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and we shall be paying particularly close attention to that data and of course will be reporting to you on a daily basis as to what is happening in the markets as a whole.

There have in recent days been quite a lot of publicity surrounding Goldman sachs announcement that it sees “a sudden stop for the US economy that will cause a 24% contraction in annualised growth next quarter.

Also some $340 billion worth of treasuries are on the way to the market providing high quality securities however it is also admitted that illiquidity still reigns as seen in shrinking futures open interest.

Meanwhile for those who are feeling pessimistic about the future, we would like to draw your attention to an announcement made by the PBOC today

“Economic indicators will likely show significant improvement in the second quarter and the Chinese economy will return to potential output level rather swiftly,” People’s Bank of China Deputy Governor Chen Yulu told reporters in Beijing.

He also added:

“Based on payments, deposits and loan data since March, China’s real economy is improving somewhat due to earlier targeted monetary policies”

Finally to end hopefully on a buoyant note:

We can share with you the fact that the new Illuminati Silver 1oz Round which we are issuing free of charge to Silver members this coming week who have been with us at least 12 months.

So, if you are a silver member please log into the website and ensure your address is current so that we send these items to the correct address.

Now we attach a small video the manufacturer has produced for us showing the round and we have an image sketch on this video too.

Admittedly the lighting is such, that the coin looks as if it is made of gold, but unfortunately its not but is .999 silver.

We are also upgrading the services we offer silver members to include a one on one discussion with me Richard and Controversially Greg by Zoom for up to 1 hour where members can ask us individually anything they may wish to know about the gold and silver markets, precious metals generally or any geopolitical issues they may have thoughts or concerns about.

We hope and trust you like the coin and fingers crossed they can be despatched this coming week. Our apologies for the delay to those who expected it earlier, but there have been some issues, as you’d naturally expect in view of what has been happening and we wanted to ensure the coin is of a very high finish which also delayed production a little.

Only 100 of these coins have been produced, so there will only be a small number available to members who wish to purchase them, after we have despatched them to Silver members – and 12 month plus bronze members will have the first choice to buy one at a discounted price. Any left thereafter will be on a first come first served basis but we will limit it to one per person.

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