Rosenstein to stand down in March

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Rosenstein to stand down in March

Last week Attorney General William Barr was confirmed by the Senate and is now in charge of the Justice Department of the United States.

It was just reported that Rod Rosenstein, the beleaguered the US Deputy Attorney General, who oversaw the inquiry into alleged Russian meddling, is to step down by mid-March,

A Justice Department official quoted by Reuters said ‘Mr Rosenstein’s decision was not linked to renewed claims that he had once suggested secretly recording Mr Trump’.

What happens next is anyone’s guess. There is much controversy over whether William Barr will keep Mueller’s eventual report secret, and who will be his new deputy?

Many established Republicans believe Barr will act with integrity, but many Republicans also know, that if it were the case that Russia influenced the Presidential election in Trump’s favour due to collusion or conspiracy – you choose the appropriate adjective – then their 2020 Senatorial election and Presidential election hopes are in as much difficulty as their Congressional ones were in 2018.

It would be wrong to prejudge Barr at this stage, and we shall watch his actions over the coming weeks and months in order to gauge an appropriate assessment.

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  1. Illuminati Silver 28th February 2019 at 10:30 am

    One simple question in reply. Why have so many Trump appointees lied (and have therefore since pleaded guilty or been convicted) about meeting with Russians – if there is nothing there?

  2. cabadejo 25th February 2019 at 2:15 pm

    Why do you keep on with the Russian collusion narrative? This was an invention devised before Hillary lost to deflect and excuse her defeat as well as keep Trump bogged down and prevent good US – Russian relations.
    Where is the evidence of collusion or interference? This is typical Leftist projection. Clinton et al were colluding with the Russians and the Democrats stole the nomination from Bernie and were doing there using election rigging.

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