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A number of our subscribers have asked the following questions and here are our answers to them:

Discord – isn’t that a gaming channel?

Well it would be fair to say that Discord was originally set up as an app designed to help gamers talk to each other in real time. While playing a game on their device, users can log into Discord and enter a group chat with one or more other gamers so they can talk while they play.

That said its been used for much more and we are using it as a live online real time comms channel for those interested in silver, gold, precious metals, cryptocurrencies and other channels. It also enables individuals to literally voice chat to one another or the group as a whole and we shall cover that in a later question.

Is there a charge for using this platform?

No, it’s absolutely free.

I cannot afford the time to be tied to a computer all day so its of no use to me is it?

Well actually yes, it is. You see discord is an app which can be used on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. All you need to do is to go to your app store type discord into search and download – and the beauty is, is that it is free.

I’ve noticed that we have to sign up to be a free or paying member of your Inner Sanctum to gain access – why?

There are many reasons for this, but the most important is to limit the number of potential trolls on the channel who will ruin the experience for others. For example, on average for every 100 video comments we receive on our general YouTube video’s, YouTube itself removes or isolates for referral 20 comments because of either hate speech, spamming or just out and out vile language – not to mention the 2 or 3 we remove ourselves which slip the net.

Now, by registering your email address on our website to some degree encourages only people who actually wish to contribute constructively to the debate and participate with due regard to one another. Now its not a perfect filter but its far better than no filter – just take a look at some of the comments on other youtubers videos to see what we mean.

You see we do not treat numbers as a priority, we could open this for everyone and then just ruin the experience long term or become a forum for complainers and haters – we are not going to do that. We want quality people who behave responsibly, and we are proud to say that the vast majority, if not all, of our inner sanctum members and most of our general subscribers fit that bill and we wish to maintain that standard.

What is the benefit of being a paid member of the Inner Sanctum with regards to what Discord can offer?

Well firstly, being a paid member of the Inner Sanctum gives you access to articles, videos, courses, eBooks, and the forum the total value of which exceeds a few thousand dollars and this value increases week on week –  that Free members cannot access most of this.

As far as Discord is concerned, it will give you access to the Inner Sanctum text and live chat room enabling you to communicate with other inner sanctum members and also the controllers of the inner sanctum who will visit this area on a regular basis.

Once we have a reasonable number of members on this platform, we shall also be holding live discussions which you can join and participate in – but please give us a week or so to get that part up and running properly to ensure the technology works fine for everyone.

Does the fact that using Discord mean that the Inner Sanctum Forum is now dead?

No it does not. The website forum enables members to communicate, share ideas, and trade gold and silver where those areas are compartmentalised and visible for all to see easily. It keeps a permanent record of comments and responses in a logical easy to follow order.

Discord does a little of this, but every comment appears in a direct line beneath one another, which means after a while one will have to scroll through hundreds if not thousands of comments.

Discord is more dynamic and responsive than the Forum and allows voice chat  but it’s a tool for today’s use, rather than a longer-term tool enabling historical viewing of answers to questions.

How difficult is it to register?

Not difficult at all – but you must first sign on to our website at illuminatisilver.com and go to the sign-up page. There you can choose which level you wish to join at; Free, Bronze or Silver and complete the online form. Once you have done that you will be sent a link by email within 2 days (and often much faster) to enable you to access this channel.

Once signed into the channel you can access it in future by logging in to discord direct, with your email address and the password you have chosen.

It really is very easy – and we will show an instruction video by Bowman, one of our Inner Sanctum members and really the Architect and main Administrator of this Discord Channel at the end of this question and answer session. This instruction video was shown in our launch video yesterday and so you can skip it when it appears if you have already enrolled and seen it.

How many people are you expecting to use this service?

The honest answer to that is however many who wish to. We literally have over 14,000 YouTube subscribers and many hundreds, of Free and paying members. Now not everyone will wish to participate, but the sky is literally the limit – but as we have said earlier, its not just about numbers but quality of contribution, and a willingness to either learn more, or impart knowledge, on those subjects we are all interested in.

I have already signed up but then I have been sent another email asking me to sign up – why is this?

Well firstly we apologise for that, but we have sent out emails both manually and automatically to ensure our members receive them and sometimes they overlap.

Also, on times spam filters prevent legitimate emails from reaching their destination and what we have done is send up to 3 emails by different methods to ensure you receive your link. So, if you have already joined our Discord channel and receive an email inviting you to join then please just delete the email – after a few days these emails will stop.

I’ve noticed that you have over 30 subject areas but the one I’m interested in isn’t covered what can I do about it?

This is a channel for the benefit of its members and participants. If there is an area you want covered, and as long as it’s in keeping with our general theme, then we shall be only too happy to provide it and set up a topic area for it. Just private message one of the Administrators – I.S. Greg or Bowman (we would recommend Bowman but either of the 3 is fine) and let them know your wishes.

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